Eagan Personal Training Testimonials

Melissa B.
I just want you to know I’m at home in tears tonight so thankful for this gym community. I walked in today and Matt was there happy to see me, he’s not even my trainer. He helped cheer me on through my workout. Jenn has been so incredibly encouraging and makes me feel strong and proud of myself and like I can accomplish anything.

Sometimes I show up just to make her proud.

Yesterday you welcomed be back after a week off with no shame but a recognition that life sometimes wears you down and I probably needed the rest. The other team members are always so awesome about cheering me on. I’m so thankful to have found this place that feels like family.

Here’s the thing about Resistance though, I know it’s not just the gym. The secret is, you get out what you put into it. This gym will love you back as hard as you put the work in, and that’s a true family. You’ve created something amazing and I hope you’re incredibly proud of it.

When I tell people this gym has changed my life, I really mean it.

Sam N.
Mark and Resistance Personal Training are, hands down, THE BEST!
Mark has so much knowledge and is extremely down to earth with helping people with goals wherever they are at in their fitness journey.

The gym is clean, tidy and the equipment is in top notch shape. If you’re looking for someone to help be your guide through starting up, make a plan to meet a specific goal or you just want help picking back up with a program he’s the guy and this is the gym.

Becky S.
I appreciate Mark’s science-based approach to training. He’s helped me achieve personal records in all my favorite lifts, and he did it by creating a training program that was sustainable and tailored to my goals. I’ve been training with Mark for years, and I hope to keep him as a coach forever.

Melissa B.
I’ve been coming to Resistance for just over six months. My favorite part about coming here is the environment. Somebody should consider training here because it’s literally the most fun I’ve ever had in a gym. Jenn has been really awesome to train with. She makes me feel really relaxed when we’re training. She makes me feel like I can pretty much accomplish anything, which has been really cool.

Also, when I first Mark he had done the research about my condition which made me feel immediately like I was in a good place where people care. I was not a gym person, but now I am. I can’t wait to get even stronger with my friends at Resistance.

Ryan F.
Mark has been my coach and trainer for the past couple years. I have always struggled with building strength and managing my weight due to a past injury. Mark helped build a program that has provided results beyond anything I thought was possible. With the severity of my past injury, I never thought I could make the strides I have without the help and coaching from Mark and Resistance!

Kyra A.
Mark Spurbeck has done wonders to help not only me, but others, become the best version of themselves. No matter the fitness goal you have, Mark will help get you there with the vast knowledge of fitness he has.

Andrea T.
I am so thankful I tried your class. You lit a fire in me. Mind, body and spirit. I was a mother of 3 very young children and had lost my sense of self. You are right… I am strong, I feel strong and I really owe it to you. I never thought that about myself before I met you.

Dave K.
In our 40’s my wife and I signed up for a personal trainer and were so very fortunate to get Mark. We had never been to a gym and had many questions, concerns and fears which he helped us through. We learned so much about technique, nutrition, proper stretching and also motivation and positivity. Mark gave us confidence in our abilities and knew when to push us to the next level. Mark truly is the Jedi Master.

Dan M.
Having Mark as my trainer, my friend, makes me wish I’d started down this path a long time ago. After training with Mark for a few months, it became evident I should have met up with him years ago! It’s one of the best decision’s I’ve made regarding my health and fitness. Mark knows what he’s doing, works with you to set YOUR goals, is sensitive to how your body feels before a workout, and will change his workout plan on the fly to save that achy knee or arm. When I blew my back out, Mark teamed up with the my Physical Therapist I started seeing, to coordinate a care plan. I came back stronger than ever. I’m always one to show up on time for appointments, but when emergencies came up, Mark was always willing to reschedule to where it would fit both our schedules. I worked hard, he gave expert advice on how to activate the right muscles and do the exercise correctly, and although I was tired at the end, I had a smile on my face.

Rachel O.
I have been working with Mark for 7 years. I started with his bootcamp class, moved over to Alpha, and now he is my powerlifting coach. Mark has helped me through some injuries where I have come back stronger than ever. He’s pushed me out of my comfort zone which I am eternally grateful for. Never in my wildest dreams would I have become a competitive powerlifter if it wasn’t for his encouragement. He’s also helped me with my nutrition and how I need to fuel my body for my sport. Thanks Mark, looking forward to the next meet!!

Jill P.
In a short time, Mark Spurbeck changed my life for the better!  When I first met with him, I explained that I wanted to work out at home, and wanted to somehow combine cardio with lifting and other exercises.  We had ten sessions together where I learned the proper technique for each exercise.  I also learned my limitations and Mark kindly accepted them with no judgment.  He has a great temperament for training people;  he’s patient, uncomplicated, motivational,  and makes the session fun.   After our last session I felt prepared to go home and get to work.  Mark created four different at-home workout  routines, along with how to set up a workout schedule.  After a few workout cycles and some tweaking of my own, I got into the groove.  I didn’t really set any specific goals, but the results are evident and I am very pleased.  My energy and stamina have increased, and flab has turned to non-flab!  There’s still some flab hanging around…if I told you I now had rocking, hard body you’d know I was lying!!  So with Mark’s know-how and excellent training personality and YOUR determination, it can work!  Why should YOU choose Mark Spurbeck for personal training?  

  • Great value for the money
  • Comprehensive knowledge and ability
  • Non-judgmental, supportive training situation

Laena R.
I first started working with Mark about a year and a half ago in a women’s lifting class. Mark helped me focus on proper form, and encouraged me to get out of my comfort level. From there I soon joined Boot camp taught by Mark. Each class I enjoy going to, and am taught different techniques and variations of workouts. With Mark it is also more than just picking up and moving weights. He gives insightful knowledge about supplements and nutritional information. I’d highly recommend Mark to anyone looking to learn, and advance in their fitness lifestyle.

Tom R.
I’ve been working out with Mark for a little over a year and it has been the best investment in myself that I’ve made . His always changing workouts are demanding, but also fun. I enjoy the variety of exercises and movements he has us doing. I thought my fitness level peaked in my early 30s, but with Mark’s help I’m realizing that is definitely not the case! I’m very grateful to have such an intelligent, caring trainer. Physically, I feel better now than I ever have. Thanks, Mark!

Swaps M.
I wanted to have a strong core to deal with my back pain and I didn’t want to be on medication for my Type II diabetes. I haven’t had back pain and I am not on any diabetes medication. I love Mark’s boot camp routines. They are hard and he puts effort into putting together each routine. My goal has never been to be big and bulky but to be toned. His workout routines are helping me. He discusses nutrition, stretching, form and discipline with us and pushes me to do better than what I thought I could do. He is a friend, a phenomenal coach and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a trainer.

Brett D.
I have been going to the Eagan club regularly for over 20 years now. During that time I have gotten to know/work with a lot of personal trainers. I can honestly say Mark is one of the best I have met over the years. Not only his knowledge in personal training but his delivery and understanding what his clients want, make him stand above the rest. My wife and I have struggled with back and shoulder issues so we looked to mark for advice in proper techniques and modifications. After working with him we are both back actively lifting weights and seeing results. I would highly recommend him to everyone, no matter what your goals are. His background leading team classes along with his knowledge in weightlifting and proper technique make him a very well rounded trainer.

Alicia H.
Mark has been my personal trainer for seven years. My goal is strength training. When he first met me, I couldn’t lift virtually anything because of so many previous injuries. With time and patience, he has led me to be a much stronger individual. I am lifting constantly now, feel confident at the gym, and not intimidated as I was before. I would recommend Mark to anyone seeking strength training. I love my results!

Jenny C.
I have been training with Mark since early 2015. My fitness journey, with Mark as my trainer, has been nothing short of amazing. From my first deadlift to, most recently, completing my first obstacle course race, the Spartan Sprint. Mark takes the time to understand your needs and goals and will tailor his approach accordingly. He is super knowledgeable, dedicated and always willing to go that extra mile, which makes him one of the best trainers around. I feel very lucky to have him as a part of my fitness journey!

Kylie R.
He has helped motivate me to push my limits and recognize I was stronger than I thought. He has a wealth of knowledge regarding nutrition, supplements, and exercises to build strength and mobility; his scientific approach to exercise and a healthier lifestyle surpasses that of most trainers. His workouts are specifically tailored to your goals and needs. I have such an appreciation for what Mark has taught me, especially with his attention to detail with correct form and engagement of the correct muscles. Mark has become a trusted and prominent person in my fitness life and I consider myself grateful to have the ability to work him!

Jen W.
I have known Mark for a few years now, and in that time he has helped me both physically and mentally. He was my TEAM Boot Camp instructor, I did personal training with him, and also joined his Intro to Powerlifting class. His classes are fun, always different, and challenge you. He also helped me place 20th in the nation for the 90 Day Challenge in the fall of 2015; with his guidance I was able to drop from 18% body fat down to 8% body fat. He is extremely knowledgeable, personable, encouraging, and a wonderful friend. I highly recommend Mark for any personal training or nutritional advice. He is the best trainer around!

Cara T.
When I started training with Mark, I knew a little bit about how to be fit, but I lacked the confidence to move passed the basics. Mark built off what I already knew. He has a gift for teaching and instructing. He breaks things down to an understandable level. By working with Mark, I learned the fundamentals of lifting. This gave me the confidence to focus in the gym, which led to greater results. I no longer wander about the weight room confused and intimidated, because Mark taught me how to properly train. Now, I am stronger than ever, and I found a love for weightlifting. If you’re looking for someone who knows what he’s talking about and will empower you to improve yourself, Mark is the trainer for you.

Randy C.
I’ve worked with Mark for 7 years. The majority of that time as my personal trainer and my Boot Camp class instructor. He has been instrumental in guiding my strength, cardio and HIIT training. He pushes me to my limits and beyond. He takes the time to listen to you and develop a workout plan to meet your needs. I couldn’t have done it without him. I consider Mark a friend and would highly recommend his services!

Lisa A.
From the first time we met, Mark has made it our priority to support me in working toward my goals- even when they change along the way! One of the things that has impressed me about him from the start, is the balance he strikes between patient encouragement and tough honesty. He also listens to what it is I hope to achieve and never seems to get tired of my questions. I’ve seen significant gains in my physical strength, which was the goal I set for myself a year ago. Recently, I shared with him that I wanted to change my goal to weight loss, while maintaining my strength gains, and he was great about changing our focus to go after that goal. Most importantly, to me, Mark pays attention to what else is going on, like my level of motivation, stress, my nutrition, and all the things that life throws out and things of new ways to solve problems so that I can continue to reach my goals. I’ve worked with other trainers in the past, and Mark is definitely the best I’ve ever worked with. Not only is he a great trainer, but I’ve come to consider him a friend. I look forward to reaching many more goals with him!

My name is Jenny, and I know Mark through his Rebel Bootcamp classes.  I went to several more classes after loving the first one, and they each got better!  I was even able to convince my husband, who typically does not like group workouts, to attend a handful of classes with me thanks to Mark’s motivational teaching style.  What makes Mark a great trainer is his ability to adapt each workout to the individual, giving everyone an equal challenge customized to their own fitness abilities.  He applied this to bootcamp classes by showing easier modifications for some, and amping up the difficulty for more advanced participants.  Never once did I leave a class feeling under-challenged, nor did he push me beyond my capabilities.  Finding that perfect balance between the two is what makes Mark a great trainer!

This year I made the decision to change. Change my attitude, change my habits, change my health, change my life. After changing jobs, personal relationships, and poor eating habits, the last step in the year of change was to get in shape. I went to many gyms, was taken on numerous gym tours, was shown facilities and equipment, but never felt like I was in the right place. What was missing? Someone who was invested in my goals and my success. After meeting with Mark for the first time, I knew that this was the fit that I was looking for. Mark listened to me. He listened to where I started, my goals, my fears, and my excitement to begin the last leg of the year of change. What Mark understands is that fitness goes far beyond just physical health. What he wants for his clients, ultimately, is what they want for themselves… to be happy, confident, strong and fit.

Tara C.
Working out with Mark has been such a great choice towards building a healthy lifestyle.  During the sessions, Mark has fun and new workouts to keep things interesting and to keep me guessing.  He also always finds the exact moment when I need words of encouragement to power through a particularly tough exercise and praise after achieving something great.  Having a personal trainer keeps me accountable for the decisions made outside of our session as well which is just as important!  I highly recommend Mark as a personal trainer – get out there and impress yourself with what you can achieve!

Mindy S.
After having a baby, I needed an extra push to get back in the game, mentally and physically.  Fortunately for me, someone on Facebook mentioned Mark and Fit Twin Cities.  I had never thought about getting a personal trainer, but I decided to give it a shot.  Since working with Mark now for over three months, I’ve lost a few pounds, and gained tone, strength and ENERGY.  I’ve worked one-on-one with Mark both at my own home and at Minnesota Top Team.  He’s worked with my strengths and pushed me through my weaknesses.  I’ve also attended Mark’s rebel bootcamp classes which were not only a hard workout, but extremely fun.  It’s a great way to meet some other like minded individuals who are just trying to better themselves.  I would recommend Mark to anyone, including new moms who need to get back into a healthy groove.

Anne T.
I woke up one day after thinking I was 25 and I realized I was 47. My old athletic self had gone away and I was a middle aged woman, and was shrinking in height and growing in width. I needed someone to help me change my life, not terrify me into short term results – I had been down that road too many times. 

I called and emailed a few other trainers and IF I got a response there just wasn’t any connection. Mark, returned my email quickly and was willing to work with me. That was the first thing that I was sold on. He came to my house and I saw he was as young as he looked in his picture. I got a bit terrified but then we talked for a while and he was open and honest about himself and he really listened to my story and goals and any intimidation I had went away. I felt completely comfortable.  He was mature way past his years. 

I have lost 25 pounds since starting training with Mark! He pushes me enough, but  never pushes too far. He motivates me while I’m there and in between our sessions we email each other which keeps the motivation going in between sessions. I would highly recommend Mark as a trainer. I plan on keeping Mark around for a very long time.

Ellen O.
Mark takes a holistic approach to training and really cares about the results in the gym but even more about the person and how fitness is impacting their entire life. Mark puts me through some really tough work-outs but we talk about how the fitness has carried over into stress and anxiety management for me as well. He keeps the work-outs fresh and he always is well prepared with a plan and has something new to bring to each session. For me that is so great because I never know what is next so I just work hard in the moment. Mark encourages me – yet challenges me and pushes me to be my best at all times, but I never feel discouraged if I am unable to do something. If I struggle, Mark quickly makes adjustments so I see success but continue to work hard.
I have seen significant changes on the scale, in the weight room, and aerobically but most importantly in my life. I am much happier than before I started training, I make healthier food choices and look forward to working out. I have regained my self-confidence and laugh a great deal more than I did before I started working with Mark.
I feel really lucky that Mark came into my life when he did. He is truly dedicated to helping others reach their fitness goals. My work with Mark is not done and I look forward to continuing the journey to reach my goals! Thanks Mark for all you do each work-out to help me find success!
Thom A.
I decided I needed to lose a little weight before my wedding. I wasn’t sure I could make any noticeable change in that amount of time, but Mark rose to the challenge.  Working out when not related to sports has never been my thing, but somehow Mark was able to make it interesting and fun every time. Mark took the time to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses and build a workout plan that fit me. By the time wedding day came I had lost almost 20 lbs and was in noticeably better shape.

Bri S.
What makes Mark a great trainer is his ability to connect with clients, particularly his ability to understand what his clients are going through. I always felt pushed in our sessions, but never felt like I was going to get hurt or that I was being asked to do something that I wasn’t capable of. Mark is focused, determined and truly cares about the people he works with. He remembers what you work on in your sessions and keeps tab on you throughout the week – even on weeks you may not meet. Would I recommend Mark? Absolutely – 100% without a doubt.


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