Eagan Personal Training

Why choose Resistance Personal Training?

10 Years of Experience. 50% of certified personal trainers leave the industry within their first year. Not only that, but 50% of personal trainers working today have less than 5 years experience. Hire a trainer that has learned what works from working with hundreds of clients.

More than just a coach. The phrase “personal trainer” has a negative image associated with it. Some gym-bro, in a tank top – doing bicep curls, saying “one more rep” and “eat your protein.” Admittedly there are lots of cliches in the industry. “Oh, you’re a trainer, so you get paid to workout?!”

Our training team is much more than that. We are carpenters, with many tools to accomplish many goals.

Training IS PERSONAL. A personal trainer enters into a goal with their client, and the relationship that forms when trust has been earned can be long-lasting, strength-building, and life-changing.

Our Personal Training Philosophy

RESISTANCE – What does that mean to you? Strength training is using resistance to make us stronger. Could there be a better metaphor for life? When we meet resistance and backdown, we don’t change. When we back down again and again, we actually may become smaller and more sad. But when we meet the resistance – PUSH BACK and breakthrough, we change. We change ourselves and the world around us. If we learn the pattern of meeting resistance head-on and change through uncomfortable things, there really is no telling what we can become.

Our trainers know what will make you stronger, guiding you through each step of the way.
Sometimes it is HARD – but it needs to be. Some things are hard because we have to do it. Some things we have to do simply BECAUSE they are hard!

This gym is our calling. We want you to feel better. Wewant you to be stronger. That journey is not the same as “lose 10 pounds” or “tone up for summer.” When you discover strength in the gym, you discover strength in yourself. We can work on those other goals too, and we will..

We can help you lose weight, add muscle, and feel better about yourself. Check out what some of our clients have to say.

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