When most people decide they want to work with a personal trainer, they have similar goals.

·       Lose weight
·       Add muscle
·       Get stronger
·       Feel better
·       Have more energy
·       “I just need someone to tell me what to do.”

At Resistance Personal Training, based in Eagan, MN, we don’t have cable TV and treadmills. We have weights. Because resistance training is the best tool for body transformation, and it’s the best tool to make people stronger – mentally and physically.

Our Clients Come From All Walks of Life

You’ve never lifted weights before? Perfect. That’s why this business exists. We’re here so you can learn from one of our expert personal trainers. You’ll fit right in. Your coach will guide you from beginner to competently strong, while working on your weight loss or strength goals.

Want to get stronger and feel better? You’ve come to the right place. We have members who compete in competitive powerlifting.

Struggling with injuries? How’s your form? Are you taking care of any weak muscles, so they don’t keep getting weaker? Maybe you just need someone to tell you what to do who has seen what you’re going through dozens of times before?

Multiple Training Options and Programs

From virtual training on our custom app, to 1:1 personal training or powerlifting coaching, there are multiple options for working with a personal trainer, including our RISING POWER strength class. The most important thing is that your coach understands your goals and how to get you there, while you enjoy the process. Programs are customized to fit your lifestyle.

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There’s Always a Coach Who Can Help

If you are a client of Resistance Personal Training, you can use the gym when it is open. Any other person you see at the gym, is a paying client of 1:1. This keeps the gym feeling like a tight-knit family. You’ll be encouraged by others, and you’ll have someone around to spot you that you can trust.

Everyone works on their own program, but we do it together. This is not a headphones gym. It’s a community gym where you can expect to know the names of everyone you see and we work hard and support each other. There is always a trainer available to answer questions and keep you accountable and make sure you are safe and supported.

Meet the Eagan Trainers

Mark Spurbeck
Owner & Head Coach
Over 10 years as a personal trainer
Powerlifting coach over 5 years
“I wanted to create the gym that I would want to train in. I want the opposite environment from a big box. Everyone supports everyone here. We are not a chain or a franchise. This is my life’s mission to make my community stronger and feel better.”
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Matt M. – AKA Matt Honey
Gym Manager
Personal Trainer for over 5 years
USAW Olympic Lifting background as coach and athlete
Professional Wrestler Matt Honey!
Reflexive Performance Specialist
“Love your life or change it.”
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Coach Jenn
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Massage Therapist with over 20 years experience
National Medalist in USAPL Powerlifting
Competitive Lifter for over 5 years
“As a massage therapist and competitive lifter, I know what your body needs from first hand experience.”
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Coach Dave – AKA BIG TINY
Certified Personal Trainer
Former Teacher and Coach
Was a Personal Training Client and now it’s his turn to help others change their lives
Works with athletes, seniors and focuses on strength and stability and balance
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“The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had in a Gym”

“I’ve been coming to Resistance for just over six months. My favorite part about coming here is the environment. Somebody should consider training here because it’s literally the most fun I’ve ever had in a gym. Jenn has been really awesome to train with. She makes me feel really relaxed when we’re training. She makes me feel like I can pretty much accomplish anything, which has been really cool.

Also, when I first Mark he had done the research about my condition which made me feel immediately like I was in a good place where people care. I was not a gym person, but now I am. I can’t wait to get even stronger with my friends at Resistance.”

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