3 great reasons to find a strength community – Part 1

3 great reasons to find a strength community – I found mine in Eagan, Mn

1) Consistency
Most people don’t feel motivated to workout all the time. Finding a community of people who
share similar goals, like wanting to get stronger, who want to see you succeed means you don’t
have to feel motivated every day. Just knowing that someone is looking forward to seeing you,
and rooting for you, is all you need.

Some days, it’s even possible you’ll show up just because you’re rooting for them, and because
they’re counting on you to be there to support them. While it’s common that we don’t feel
motivated to do hard things for ourselves, it’s far less likely that we’re willing to let others down.

At Resistance Personal Training in Eagan, Mn, I don’t miss workouts even when I don’t necessarily feel motivated.

I show up every day because, there, I’ve discovered a community of people who not only love getting stronger like me, but genuinely care whether I’m there with them every day.

They’re my biggest cheerleaders whether I’m having an off day or a great day in the gym.

I have an amazing personal trainer and powerlifting coach who cares when I’m less consistent, who reaches out and checks in when I’m off my game.

– Lisa Fontecha

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