Reasons you self-sabotage your fitness training

  1. You’re uncomfortable putting your needs first – You put your family, job, and others first. You haven’t developed the real skill of self-care and you feel guilty the longer your focus on yourself. This is usually a cycle that is hard to break. Creating boundaries and expectations will take time, but when your family or boss learns you mean it, they will eventually be okay with the change.
  2. Real change means you have to give something up – The idea of change being easy is ridiculous. It’s hard. You may have to give something up you don’t want to. I’m not talking about sugar. But a mindset or a behavior that has held you back is something that you’ll have to address.
  3. You don’t feel worthy – Sometimes we see people quit right when the results start kicking in. You do deserve this. Keep going, it only gets better.
  4. Switching plans feels good – being consistent isn’t sexy. It’s boring. We don’t get the buzz, dopamine, or rewards of starting a new plan. When the ‘newness’ of a plan wears off, what do you do? Is the plan sustainable? If it is, the newness factor needs to be replaced by a discipline that you may not have developed yet. That’s why working with a personal trainer at our Eagan gym is essential if you havne’t developed these skills yet.

What if you kept going just when it gets hardest?

The hardest part about change is not signing up for it. It’s showing up for it. And not giving up until something budges.

You must kill the version of yourself that is holding you back. You must feed the version of yourself that you want to become.

It’s in you. Surround yourself with support and you can change.


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