3 great reasons to find a strength community – Part 3

Have Fun at an Eagan gym
Nothing encourages long-term commitment like enjoying what you’re doing. Working hard with
people whose company you enjoy, and who enjoy yours, makes it less like just another chore to
get done.

When I have fun at the gym, it makes going back easy. Most days I laugh more in that two hours than I
do the rest of the day. If you’re going to invest in yourself and your goals, have a great time on
the journey.

Resistance Personal Training encourages you to be your authentic self. Be that quirky, weird, fun-loving person you are with no judgement. Dance when the music makes you want to dance, cheer when you want to be supportive. Work hard with lazer focus when the time is to focus. Be vulnerable with your trainer or teammates.

There is space for you here. Strength training is way too hard to not also be fun. And it is!

– Lisa Fontecha

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