Tips For Getting Back Into A Fitness Groove

Finding that little spark you need to reach your health and fitness goals can be difficult – especially after the holidays. The big question to ask is, “How can I find inner motivation, be disciplined, set new goals and achieve them?”

The good news is that most people will go through phases with their workout regimens and their eating habits. If you feel like you are in a rut or just do not want to get to the gym – it’s not just you. A lot of people have points where workouts that once were fun and exciting suddenly feel like a chore.

Here’s a plan you can follow to get back into things for the new year.

Design A Fresh, New Program Made Just For You

Your body will change over time, and so should your fitness goals. Our bodies are made to adapt to the lifestyle we choose, so the goals you’ve chosen for yourself 9 months ago may not be the same goals you need to set now. Sit down, re-evaluate what you want to achieve and create a new training program.

Write down your workouts, log your food and write down comments after your workouts. While this seems tedious, it gives you something to look back on after a few months and you can visually see (in writing and hopefully with your body) the differences.

Check Out What Everyone Else Is Saying

Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets are great places for inspiration. You can read what other blogs, articles and see trending ideas and workouts. Even becoming involved in discussions online can be surprisingly fun and exciting.

Create A New Gym Playlist

This seems like a given, but really, it helps. I recently created an entirely new playlist on my iPod to listen to at the gym. Having the same music played over and over can get very redundant and make you feel like your workout is simply a routine. Mix it up, listen to songs that would make you sing in the car or dance to. New playlist = new gym experience.

Plan Your Workouts In Advance, Visualize Them And The Rest Will Happen

Start thinking about your workout BEFORE you get to the gym. Visualize your workout and think positive thoughts. I’ve found that if I can mentally be positive, then my gym experience is entirely different. Entering the gym thinking, “I feel really full and I’m tired and it’s super cold out, ugh, I want to be on the couch”, just doesn’t help. Be positive, right from the start.

Bri Sundgaard

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