Gym Etiquette – 4 Tips for Common Courtesy

Water? Check. Common courtesy…?

This time of year, our exercise facilities are overflowing with individuals who are new to the whole fitness lifestyle and who want to become healthier, leaner people. Kudos to them for finding the factor that told them to get off the couch and workout; however, don’t leave your common sense and respect at home. Whether you joined a large or small gym, the following guidelines will make for a better experience.

Yes, we are at a gym and people sweat, spit and sometimes vomit. At least have the common courtesy to don clean attire that you haven’t worn to the last two sessions of your CrossFit experience. Nothing is less motivating than performing a repetition and getting a whiff of someone else.

Personal Space
Believe it or not, but workout benches are mobile, and the gym owners will not care if you move them. That said, use the space provided and be respectful of other’s space and focus points. For example, don’t stand right in front of someone who is focused on looking in the mirror during his set. Who wants to focus on another guy’s flaring chest hair as he performs single-arm rows? Not this guy.

Make sure your behavior is gym appropriate. You should be there to workout, not hit on other gym members while texting your friends. Don’t make a spectacle of yourself by being loud and throwing weights. Conversely, don’t get mad at others for grunting or making the occasional noise. Remember, it’s a gym not a library. Finally, please don’t be the person who sings to his or her music. There is a reason you have a day job, remember that.

Share Equipment
Do not take over a piece of equipment that was previously used by another person until you ask them if they are done. This is common courtesy. As the person is unloading their weights, ask them if they are done. This lets the person know someone else would like to use the equipment, and it prevents you from staring down that person from the other side of the gym like an owl at their prey. You can also ask to work in a set during someone’s rest break. This works best at weight machines that require little setup between sets.

We were all new at some time in our lives and have wished someone would have told us these things, so please coach those who are developing bad habits (especially the person who is singing). Even if you are not new to the facility, we sometimes become complacent and forget these basic guidelines that help make everyone’s workout a little more enjoyable.

Brandon Sell

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