Low Carb? Low Problems!

I’m an active mom who recently decided to take the plunge into clean eating, specifically gearing my menu around lowering the carbs that my husband and I take in.  It was something we had talked about previously, and when I asked Mark Spurbeck of Fit Twin Cities about my ideas, he wholeheartedly approved it and was EXCITED for us! 

We planned our meals one week at a time — planning every single meal and every single snack.  I had to be prepared if I was going to engage myself fully and STICK TO IT. In short, we lowered the bad carbs that were in our diet (bread, grains, pasta, processed starches and anything with added sugar), and we added more healthy carbs (veggies and some fruit).

Here’s what we found after the first 10 days:

  1. WEIGHT LOSS: 6 pounds for me, and 6.5 for my husband.
  2. ALERTNESS: I find myself needing less sleep and feeling more alert during the day.
  3. EASE: It is easy to do if you plan ahead.
  4. NO HUNGER PAINS: This isn’t a fad diet that left us hungry or craving food. This is eating real food, and it is filling.
  5. TASTY: There are so many great resources for tasty foods.

What was challenging but easily overcome:

  1. COST: Eating healthy can be more costly, but there are ways to save! Buying food in bulk or buying food that is on sale and freezing it can both make a difference.
  2. TIME: At first, it took us a lot longer to prep food, but we learned what we could do ahead to save time.

A typical day for us usually includes:

Breakfast – eggs with onion, green pepper and mushrooms; sausage links and fresh fruit
Lunch – grilled/baked chicken with broccoli salad
Snack – handful of almonds or fresh fruit
Dinner – hamburger with all the fixings (minus the bun) and a side salad

Sound delicious?  It is.  Be what you eat.  Be healthy.

Want to learn more about cutting carbs and grains? Check out this great article for some motivation to get you pointed in the right direction.

mindy schultz

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