I don’t do CrossFit – but our training is more alike than different

I am not a hater. I hope that my words on this page speak for themselves. Just because I don’t do CrossFit doesn’t mean I hate it. 

Things I emulate or have taken from CrossFit in my own training or training with my clients:

1. Doing workouts for time and comparing against past results
2. AMRAP workouts
3. Having a skill to work on w/clients before the formal workout
4. PVC pipe and mobility drills
5. Bumper plates
6. Deadlifts for reps

Just a few things CrossFitters are better at than I am:

1. Olympic Lifts
2. Cardio
3. Squat depth
4. Gymnastic elements
5. Community building
6. Getting better by training with others

Things I believe my training and CrossFit training have in common:

1. Resistance training is the best. I don’t care if its powerlifting, bodybuilding or CrossFit . Lift heavy stuff.
2. Performance matters – aesthetics and body weight only mean so much. Hit numbers on your lifts/workouts.
3. Always strive to be better than before
4. Learn new skills and mix things up
5. Have a workout log with short term and long term goals
6. Support others and be an ambassador to health and fitness

I’m burned out on all the CF articles and why people do and don’t do it. I think we are ready to move beyond this. Sure, I have made fun of it before, just as I have for powerlifting and bodybuilding and insanity and p90x and marathons and paleo, etc. But my thoughts have evolved and I recognize the hard work, skills, and expertise of CrossFitters, thanks in large part to my favorite CrossFitter, Becky Spurbeck.

In short: Lift heavy things. Try not to eat like crap. Reduce stress. Be happy.

People who show up to the gym 5 days a week and talk about things like deadlifts, squats, push-ups and protein….those are my people. 

Feel free to make fun of me for doing bicep curls. They feel amazing.

Certified Personal Trainer

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