Use your smartphone to video your sets and reps

Reasons you should film your sets:

  1. Professional feedback – Send to your coach or an online lifting group for form critique. Most of my clients have homework and send me videos if we don’t train in person. It’s great for a coach to see what you are up to when they aren’t there. It helps programming tremendously and your coach ENJOYS seeing you hit it.
  2. Self-critique – Some things you just can’t see very well while doing them. It’s very common that an athlete who films a set may see something from the video that they didn’t notice while lifting and this can inform their next set or next workout in a positive way.
  3. Measure of progress – You can have a reference of how far you’ve progressed and how you’ve changed. When you look back at a video from last month, you might not see much difference, but if you look back to a lift from 5 years ago, you’ll appreciate the journey of where you came from and where you still need to go.
  4. Social celebration – Sharing a PR or video with a group of like-minded individuals can really help us. Unfortunately, not every big lift we achieve has an audience. Big lifts aren’t just something we do to show off – it’s a celebration of strength that we want to share with other people. Go ahead and post that.

Draw Backs

1. It can be a bit of time-waster. I wouldn’t film every exercise or every set. But maybe 2-3 per workout.

2. Phone storage goes fast. Better have an extra SD card or be really good at deleting old files.

Send me your sets on instagram @resistance_personaltraining.

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