How to get in the best shape of your life

Avoid Plateaus

Have you reached a fitness plateau? It’s extremely common for gym-goers. You get in a routine, become too efficient at your favorite workouts and stay in your comfort zone. In order to keep challenging your body, you need to mix things up.

To get in the best shape of your life, you need to keep your body guessing. Here are three tips to get you started:

1. Explore your gym – Most people have favorite sections in the gym. You know where things are and how they work. But if you want to start seeing new results, you need to change it up.

Instead of starting your workout at your go-to spot, explore a new area of your gym and learn how to workout there. Maybe your gym has what Becky affectionately calls a “wooded area.” (At our gym, it has wood flooring, hence the name.) This area is great for core exercises and includes many fitness tools that can help break up your workout routine.

BOSU balls, jump ropes, kettlebells and stability balls are just a few things you can start incorporating into your workout. Workout with a friend or talk to a trainer to get comfortable in other areas of the gym, and your overall fitness will improve.

2. Sweat – For years I was content with a glimmer of sweat, and the only time I’d be dripping was after hitting the treadmill. After plateauing enough times, I finally realized I wasn’t working out hard enough.

If you’re not sweating at the gym, you’re not working hard enough.

If you are lifting weights, you may be taking too much time between sets. Learn how to do super-sets. If you do a chest exercise, immediately follow that with 10-20 pushups. Try shortening your 3-minute rests to 30 seconds. You could even try a Tabata-style workout. An example of this would be 30 seconds of pushups, 10 seconds rest, 30 seconds holding a plank, 10 seconds of rest, 30 seconds of lunges, 10 seconds of rest and 30 seconds of crunches. Rest for a minute, and do it all again!

3. Sign up for something – Sign up for something that will challenge you and get you out of your comfort zone. Sign up for boot camp classes, weekly sessions with a personal trainer or a 5k. This can give you new workout tools and goals, and it can help hold you accountable. Finally, training for something different will challenge your body in new ways and you’ll see new results.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. You’re smarter than that. 

Mark Spurbeck

One Comment on “How to get in the best shape of your life

  1. A great example of changing up your routine is a program at the Anytime Fitness I attend in Lake City, MN. It’s called the SLED System! The owner, Jeff Bissonette, created it. Check it out!

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