6 reasons to hire an in-home personal trainer in the Twin Cities

In our fast-paced lives, there are a thousand things that stop us from getting a good workout. A thousand excuses. I’ve heard them all. In-home personal training allows me to cut through your excuses and give you the workout you need. Here are just a few reasons why hiring an in-home personal trainer might be right for you.

1. I come to you – I’ll show up at your front step with a bag of fitness equipment ready to give you a great workout. You don’t need to drive anywhere. No need to rush from point A to point B to point C. I show up, and we are ready to rock. We can work out in your home gym or a spacious living room, or head outside if the weather is nice.

2. No gym membership needed – Ever thought about working with a personal trainer, but your lack of gym membership held you back? First, I recommend everyone find a gym. Gyms are fantastic. But the truth is, you can also get amazing results at home with a certified personal trainer. Exercises that use body weight are a big part of in-home training, and I will also bring BOSU, stability balls, medicine balls, plyometric boxes, resistance bands, dumbbells and other equipment to keep things challenging  and fun.

3. Saves time – Saving time is one of the biggest reasons people hire at-home personal trainers in the Twin Cities. You cave that 15-minute drive to the gym, save the time it takes to change at the gym, save the time driving back. (With Minnesota winters, you can also save the time it would take you to get bundled up and scrape ice off your windshield.) This can easily add an hour or more back into your day.

4. Saves money – When I don’t train you at a gym, I am not expected to give half of my training session fee to anyone. This allows me to keep the price more reasonable for you.

5. Avoid the crowd – Let’s face it, some gyms are busy. For some that isn’t an issue. For others, a more relaxed environment, like your own home, will help take some of the stress off, not to mention that feeling you get when you know others are watching you.

6. The Fun Factor – Working with a personal trainer at home means you won’t be sitting at boring weight machines. Instead, you’ll be challenged with exercises that you might never consider while at a gym. Working out outside can also be a lot of fun, and learning exercises that challenge you is not only a great workout, but also a lot more fun.

Certified Personal Trainer

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