Rebel Bootcamp – Join the rebellion.

Eagan Boot Camp Classes – Group Fitness

Let’s start a rebellion! What do we need for a rebellion? Well, we need something to rebel against, and then we need rebels who believe in the cause. This is my recruitment letter for you to join the rebellion

What is a rebel? A rebel is someone who defies cultural norms. Think about what is normal for our culture when it comes to diet and exercise. The health and exercise trend our culture is on is frightening and heart-breaking. More than two-thirds of our adult population is overweight. It’s normal to be fat. It’s normal to be sick.

We are becoming increasingly immobile. We are increasingly out of shape. Increasingly unhappy. We don’t even think about the food we put into our body. We listen to ads, not experts. Only 15% of the people in our country have gym memberships, and how many of those even use it?

It’s time for all this to change. It’s time to rebel against what is normal for our society. In this context, what is a rebel? Let me tell you:

  • A rebel exercises – not eats – when she is upset.
  • A rebel eats to fuel his body – not fill his soul.
  • A rebel sweats on a regular basis.
  • A rebel keeps going when others quit.
  • A rebel takes the challenging path because the reward is greater.
  • A rebel believes in creating herself, not finding herself.
  • A rebel overcomes fear.
  • A rebel wonders, “How much further can I go?” not, “Am I done yet?”
  • A rebel starts something with an intent to finish, not to try it out.
  • A rebel runs, lifts, jumps, bikes, flies and soars.
  • A rebel is never done.

Starting in August I will be leading a Rebel Bootcamp class in Eagan on Saturday mornings.

I believe we have to do this together, not on our own. In Star Wars, Luke wouldn’t have blown up the Death Star without the support of his friends. Is getting healthy your Death Star? If so, join the rebellion.

Certified Personal Trainer

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