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Asking for help is hard. Asking for help from someone who looks fit or jacked or skinny or whatever, can be nerve-wracking. “How can they possibly understand how to help me?” Walking into a consult, many are afraid of judgement. Many are afraid of being sold to. What should you look for when hiring a trainer? 1. Years Experience Ask how long they have been a personal trainer, dig into their history…. Read More

As I prepare to open my personal training studio in Eagan, Mn – I hope to have more time to do marketing and less time ‘building-out’ my space. So bare with me as a re-find my bloggers voice. Historically, I’ve cycled between bodybuilding style training (feels great on the body) and powerlifting style training (feels amazing to be strong, but definitely takes more time and can leave you a bit beat up)…. Read More

Why lift heavy things? You won’t get bulky (unless you want to.)

Baby got back.

I don’t have any resolutions for 2013, but I have a word. Discipline. Why discipline? Because it is the one thing you need to achieve every resolution or goal.

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Eagan Boot Camp Classes – Group Fitness Let’s start a rebellion! What do we need for a rebellion? Well, we need something to rebel against, and then we need rebels who believe in the cause. This is my recruitment letter for you to join the rebellion. 

While studying for my NASM certification, people often asked me what my plans were once I became a personal trainer. I would tell them that the first step was to get certified, and I’d figure out the rest from there. Now that I’m certified, I can’t hide behind that answer anymore.

Yesterday I suggested that the main reason you don’t work out is because you believe that you don’t have enough time. Hopefully I’ve sold you on the fact that once you prioritize fitness, you will find the time for it. But this mythical lack of time isn’t the only thing keeping you from working out. The second reason you don’t work out: You’re Afraid