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As I prepare to open my personal training studio in Eagan, Mn – I hope to have more time to do marketing and less time ‘building-out’ my space. So bare with me as a re-find my bloggers voice. Historically, I’ve cycled between bodybuilding style training (feels great on the body) and powerlifting style training (feels amazing to be strong, but definitely takes more time and can leave you a bit beat up)…. Read More

Why lift heavy things? You won’t get bulky (unless you want to.)


After losing her sight to diabetes seven years ago, a blind woman from the UK has been writing a novel by hand. Each week her son visits her and reads her writing back to her. Recently she was devastated to find out that 26 pages of her story were lost, because her pen ran out of ink when she was writing. What was surely hours of work was gone, after never having been captured in… Read More