Resistance Personal Training


As I prepare to open my personal training studio in Eagan, Mn – I hope to have more time to do marketing and less time ‘building-out’ my space. So bare with me as a re-find my bloggers voice. Historically, I’ve cycled between bodybuilding style training (feels great on the body) and powerlifting style training (feels amazing to be strong, but definitely takes more time and can leave you a bit beat up)…. Read More

Why lift heavy things? You won’t get bulky (unless you want to.)

An internet troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages to provoke an emotional response in an online discussion. Their presence on the web is annoying, to say the least. What is even more frustrating is that these trolls also exist in real life, and like their internet-dwelling brethren, they exist to provoke and disrupt your healthy decisions.

Train like Wolverine

Nerd Alert. The following post will reference comic book characters in a completely awesome way. Still reading? Good.

The holidays are over, and so are your excuses. Time to hit the gym and shed those extra pounds. For many, it is the one time of year that fitness becomes a true priority. Here are my three tips for hitting the gym this January.

You’ve found the time to work out by making fitness a priority. You overcame your fear of lifestyle change and committed to a life of fitness. But this is where your next excuse comes into play – the excuse that really prevents you from reaching your goals and the reason you still don’t work out. You just can’t find: Motivation You feel great when you’re motivated. You can do anything! But the problem is… Read More