Thoughts from a newly certified personal trainer

While studying for my NASM certification, people often asked me what my plans were once I became a personal trainer. I would tell them that the first step was to get certified, and I’d figure out the rest from there. Now that I’m certified, I can’t hide behind that answer anymore.

Fitness is my passion. It has been for 6 years. Until I graduated college, I was living my life as someone not-quite-yet me. Weightlifting gave me strength, literally, but it also gave me confidence. It changed the way I looked at myself, and my potential. I started to believe I could do anything if I worked hard. Now that I know what is possible, I want to share it with others. I want to see people change their lives in positive, amazing ways.

These are my next steps:

1. Continue learning from other trainers, books, and experts.

2. Continue Fit Twin Cities – sharing fitness information is a huge part of changing lives.

3. Provide at-home personal training in Eagan and the Twin Cities – mornings, nights, and weekends. 

At-home training allows me to jump in and finally start sharing my knowledge and love of fitness. I’ll come to you before or after your workday. You don’t even need to have a gym membership. All you need is some floor space and a good attitude. If you don’t have any floor space, we can head outside. I have all the equipment we need to get a great workout and start changing your life. I’m also working at finding a gym where I can bring in my own clients. Stay tuned…

I am excited that you’re sharing in this journey with me, and I’m excited to see where this path leads next. I’d love to hear from you. Let’s get together and sweat!

Certified Personal Trainer

9 Comments on “Thoughts from a newly certified personal trainer

  1. Hey Mark. Remember like 3 weeks ago when we did that thing and you told me I was stinky. You’ve inspired me to not do that!! I am actually being serious.

    P.S. these nicotine patches make my mouth taste like I am eating metal

    • Awesome man! I know you can do it! Eating metal is probably healthier than smoking anyway… We should play apples to apples again soon. That was great.

  2. I’m going to start studying for NASM in a month or two here, your story sounds similar to mine. Really helpful to read this and get a little insight from someone a couple steps ahead of me in life. We should connect sometime

    • Thanks, Mike! Good luck with your studying. It’s very doable. I’m happy to connect and chat about the process and give any helpful tips that I can. Thanks for checking out the site.

  3. Hi Mark,

    I read the excellent NYT article that mentioned you and your new training career. I am a 60-year old translator who is preparing to take the ACE certification exam in September. I was heartened to read your story, since it appears you also came at this from a non-fitness background, although, like me, I’m sure you have a great passion for fitness and diet or else you wouldn’t have taken the time to get certification. I, too, think my initial steps will be training people in their homes and outdoors in a nearby park here in San Diego. Best wishes to you, and I’d be curious to hear your next steps in this business as they occur. I tried finishing your listing on Facebook, but had no luck. If you don’t mind, please provide a link to your Facebook page in your response to this comment.

    • Hi Bob! Thanks for seeking out my website! I’m really glad my story inspired you in some way! I recommend this book. It really helped shape my thoughts on starting something new and made it seem doable!

      Don’t be a stranger! Here’s the facebook page:

      Good luck to you! Follow your passion!

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