What to look for when hiring a Personal Trainer

Asking for help is hard. Asking for help from someone who looks fit or jacked or skinny or whatever, can be nerve-wracking. “How can they possibly understand how to help me?” Walking into a consult, many are afraid of judgement. Many are afraid of being sold to.

What should you look for when hiring a trainer?

1. Years Experience Ask how long they have been a personal trainer, dig into their history. You’d be surprised how infrequently this comes up when meeting new clients. 50% of personal trainers have less than 5 years of experience and 50% of newly certified trainers leave the industry within their first year. Believe me I know. I used to train trainers, and it was a struggle keeping the good ones around because of how hard the first year training can be.

2. Diverse Experience Has your trainer worked with a diverse range of people with different needs and goals, or do they only do one thing well? A trainer who can rely on past experiences when helping you can save time trying to get you to where you want to be. Rehabbing an injury? I can help. Want to loose weight? I can help. Want to get stronger? I can help. Have back pain? I can help. 73 years old? I can help 16 years old? I can help. Athlete? I can help. Etc

3. Testimonials Find their website and read what others have said. Even better yet, ask for a name of one or two of their clients and if it’d be okay to reach out. See how long the clients have been with the trainer. Longer time with the coach means that they have built a real relationship and the clients value the time together.

4. Not all about the money and sales I’ve trained other trainers to do sales. It is tricky. It’s not why we got into the business, but we need clients to make a living. My goal 100% of the time is to tell you what I think would work best for you, and sometimes that is LESS than 3 times a week for forever. Sometimes it’s once a month. Make sure the trainer actually listens to your concerns about schedule and cost, and see if they are someone who you can trust. Training is expensive. Yes. But a good trainer knows what they are worth and won’t nickel and dime you and spin deals to get you to sign up today!!!! I’ve seen trainers lose clients because they oversold when they would have bought something more realistic for what they wanted.

5. Personal Connection and likeability The trainer should be someone you enjoy talking to. If they rub you the wrong way, I guarantee that isn’t something that will just go away. Do they treat you with curtesy and respect? Do they really seem to care? Do they give grace when grace is needed or can they give you a push when a push is needed? You need to find them likable, or you won’t enjoy your experience.

6. Organization This is a tricky one. Your trainer may have an enjoyment of fitness, but not of program design, running payments, scheduling make-up sessions, remembering what you did last time, etc. There are lots of ways to organize your goals, you may need someone with more or less of this skill depending on your goals. I offer a customized app for all of my clients that helps them track their sets, reps, weight and body composition goals. It also sends them their homework. You want your trainer to be thinking about you more than just during the session.

Good luck finding a good coach. Maybe it’s me? Send me a message if you want a personal trainer in Eagan, Mn and let’s get better and get stronger, together.

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