Why Calories Don’t Count

I’ve taken some heat recently after pointing out I don’t count calories and I suggest my clients not to either.

If you follow me on facebook, you’ll see my rant there. But check out this video, thanks for sharing Dietitian Cassie!

3 Comments on “Why Calories Don’t Count

  1. I think this really just shows even more why macros, and not just the calories are what make the big difference. It’s a balance, but there are many many ways to get to health and fitness success. I say if you succeed and don’t like to count calories or succeed and do, what does it matter right?

    • Fair enough Colin! I think when you are talking macros and specifically trying to work towards bodybuilding goals that calories can have their place – absolutely. Because usually those people don’t just have a calorie number to hit, but understand what each macro-nutrient does in the body.

      It is the way the general public views/understands/uses calories that I am greatly concerned with.

    • Definitely agreed Mark. If all I cared about was general health or something like that I definitely wouldn’t track.

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