We need to do better at telling people they are fine.

As someone who grew up with injuries that were not serious, or severe in any way, but more debilitating than what an average 12 year old might experienced, I learned to listen to my body. I learned that my knees were crappy and weak, and that my back was my “genetic weak spot.”

I was told one leg was too long, I was told I was messed up. In truth, I was pretty much just fine. But the mental impact it had on me was severe. I went into hyper-awareness. Paying attention for any sign of a problem.

For years if I felt a single thing in either of these places, it was all I could pay attention to. When you’re looking for a problem, you’ll find one. And when you’ve been conditioned that feeling something abnormal is BAD – you stop doing things that you might not need to.

Learning to distinguish the difference between a sensation that means stop and a sensation that might be nothing is a huge hurdle for many to overcome.

We are resilient and strong. And it’s been 25 years, and I still am learning this lesson. But I say…..Continue. Find a way to continue. Don’t be afraid to get hurt if what you are doing is reasonable. Being afraid to be strong leads to weakness. Weakness leads to more pain than any thoughtful pursuits of strength ever would.


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