Time to try a different type of “Gym” at Resistance

When we first meet new members, we hear a common thread of things people have tried before.
They tried this boot camp, they tried a program at home, they tried having a membership at a commercial gym. They keep trying new things.

Our gym might be the best new thing, that becomes the thing that sticks. Here is why:

  1. Customizable program – we program every set and rep that you do in our app – Because you don’t have to worry about WHAT to do, you show up and get things done in a reasonable amount of time. You are not following a workout that is designed for everyone, but for you specifically.
  2. Easier than you think – when you start your strength program at Resistance, sometimes people feel that it’s relatively “easy.” That’s the secret to you coming back. Consistency and progress take time. By not getting your ass kicked every workout, you build resiliency and strength so that down the road, hard workouts are doable without killing you.
  3. This is not a headphones and treadmills gym – Trainers and clients WILL talk to you. Introduce themselves to you, compare training notes, and help spot your sets or load your barbell. Someone is always available to answer questions. It is very hard to be left alone completely at Resistance.
  4. Extra accountability – it may be a little harder for people to sneak in and sneak out – but that is the goal of the community – to encourage others to be their best. Swiping a card and phoning it in aren’t really options. This accountability sometimes scares people away, but it’s what this place is all about
  5. We aren’t interested in 60 day transformations – real change takes time. And real time cements real change. Ask us about our 6 year transformations, and you’ll see what people can really do when they JUST KEEP SHOWING UP.
  6. Everyone here is using weights with the goal to get stronger and feel better. – Unlike a commercial gym where people are doing a variety of things with a variety of goals, here you’ll know no matter if you are a beginner or expert, you share a common pursuit of strength.

    We are currently running Black Friday Deals. Please reach out if you want to get started with a FREE consultation.

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