Shut off your brain – go to the gym

Recently my wife was feeling under the weather in the morning when we woke up.  She was laying in bed and was going back and forth about how she was feeling tired, how her stomach felt upset, how her throat felt sore, but also how she needed to go in to work and get things done. 

She asked me how I am able to get up in the morning without gripe and get the kids moving and out the door in the morning.  I told her that you can’t let yourself think about anything else, you just have to get up and move. 

I suggested that she get up and take a shower and start getting ready and see how she was feeling after that.  She did and she said she felt better and was going to go into work.

I feel like people can often get into a similar mindset with going to the gym and working out.  There are always excuses that you can find.  I’m feeling tired, I’m feeling sick, I don’t have the time right now, I need to remodel my bathroom, I need to watch that documentary on bees. 

At the same time we know we need to go and put the work in.  So sometimes you have to shut off your brain for a little bit.  Go get started and then see how you are feeling. 

More often than not you will feel better once you get your workout in, and then you can go finish that documentary.

– Dave W.

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