Double-down on your strength training routine during summer

Summer is synonymous with outdoor activities, vacations, and a generally active lifestyle. But also, cook-outs, drinks, and late nights. Let’s explore why strength training should not be sidelined and why hiring a personal trainer for summer can be a game-changer.

Building Resilience: Summer activities target specific muscle groups, but strength training offers a comprehensive approach. Suddenly golfing multiple times a week and stopping strength training may not be best for your body. By engaging multiple muscle groups simultaneously, you build resilience and reduce the risk of injuries while enjoying summer pursuits. A personal trainer will customize your workouts, ensuring balanced and effective training. You’re less likely to get hurt and sore gardening, if you are doing resistance training multiple times a week.

Metabolic Boost: Summer often involves indulgences, but consistent strength training stimulates your metabolism beyond the gym. By increasing lean muscle mass, you improve your resting metabolic rate, maintaining a healthy weight despite occasional treats. A personal trainer provides guidance on nutrition and tailors workouts to minimize the effects of your well-earned seasonal treats.

Enhanced Performance: Don’t let the summer heat slow you down. Strength training improves overall fitness, endurance, and power. Your performance in summer sports and activities will soar with a strong, stable physique. A personal trainer designs workouts to enhance agility, form, and athletic prowess, giving you a competitive edge. Also, many clients feel better in the summer, less pain, warmer joints. It can feel great!

Long-Term Health: Strength training benefits extend beyond summer. It preserves bone density, reduces the risk of chronic conditions, and maintains joint health. Additionally, it boosts mental well-being, combating anxiety and depression. A personal trainer provides support, motivation, and expertise, ensuring long-term health benefits. Stopping strength training in summer can also pause progress that will only have to ramp back up again in the fall, making year over year progress more challenging.

Hire a personal trainer to help you navigate summer fun with health and fitness progress. At Resistance we bring knowledge on injury prevention and recovery, keeping you safe during intense summer activities making sure your progress is year-long.

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