Why you don’t work out: Part I

Excuses. We all have them. We let our excuses run our lives when it should be our interests that drive us. The reasons not to do something become bigger than the reasons to do something. “I can’t go to the gym because I have too much work.” “I can’t work out because I lack motivation.” “I’m not going to hit the treadmill today because I don’t have time.”  You are constantly talking yourself out of things that you know you need.

This is why you don’t work out. You are terrible at talking yourself into going to the gym, but great at listing reasons why you can’t go. The first and most obvious reason you don’t work out:


You don’t have the time. You have two kids in sports, a job that makes you work 50 hours a week, household chores, and eight million other things to do. You’re lucky if you get six hours of sleep and even luckier if you get to read a chapter in the Stephen King book that’s been sitting by your bed for eight months.

I get it. Your life is busy. There isn’t enough time. Everyone feels this way. But the problem with this excuse is that it isn’t true. There is time.

The reason this excuse is my biggest fitness pet peeve is because it’s so convincing to you.  When you say, “I don’t have the time,” what you are really saying is, It isn’t a high enough priority to me.”  

Write a list of your top five daily objectives or priorities. Health and fitness needs to make that list. Internal and external forces are constantly distracting you from the things that are most important to your health. Our culture is out of whack, and maybe – just maybe – so are your priorities.

When you are healthy and fit, all of your other priorities become easier to accomplish – not harder. You have more energy. You are happier. You can do more. If you make 30 minutes of exercise a real priority every day – you will make the time. 

So stop lying about not having time. Be honest. It’s all about your priorities. Tonight, instead of re-watching that episode of LOST for the second time, go for a walk or do a workout at home. Tomorrow, hit the gym before or after work. Working out is a great way to prepare for the day or unwind after it. All you need is a little discipline – not a little time. 

Check back tomorrow for Why you don’t work out: Part II – You’re Afraid

Mark Spurbeck

6 Comments on “Why you don’t work out: Part I

  1. I whole heartedly agree with you on this one. It took me a while to start excercising after I graduated college, but round about August of that year, I found myself sitting in front of the computer playing games on Facebook and wacthing yet another music video on YouTube. As soon as I prioritized my day ( get up, do devotions, have breakfast, exercise, showr play my trombone, write, read, and then internet-time.) I found my day was some how better. In fact on days I knwo I am going to do something I get up earlier to allow myself at least an hour to exercise.

  2. Or, on that mention of the Lost episode, watch it while you exercise. My dad has been exercising since before I was born, and he has said it actually said that it helps make the time go by faster ( and teh work-out more fun) if he watches something. So I watch epsiodes of shows I like ( or listen to superhero soundtracks) while I exercise.

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  4. That’s right on, Jono! I’m reading a book called Quitting by Jon Acuff (http://www.jonacuff.com/blog/) and one of the things he mentions is discipline begets discipline. When you make time for priorities like you did, that discipline in one area rolls into the next.

    Also, can I get a hold of that super hero soundtrack mix? Might be just what my workout needs this holiday season!

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